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VBOX Vehicle Testing Products

Many aspects of vehicle testing can be conductedusing a VBOX data logger, from simple performance evaluation to complexdevelopment of the latest ADAS applications. GPS log rates range from 10Hz to100Hz, and there are options for single, dual, or triple antenna systems -ideal for vehicle dynamics testing. Differential GPS and RTK solutions allowfor high positional accuracy, and inertial measurement integration increasesthe testing scope further.

VBOX GPS data logging products vary from the10Hz VBOX Mini, an easy to use but highly capable unit perfect for simpletesting and lap timing; through the SX range which brings together survey-gradeGPS engines and CAN Bus logging; to the VBOX3i which logs at a true 100Hz, isavailable in single and dual antenna variants, and which forms the basis of theVBOX ADAS testing packages.

VBOX systems are employed in many types oftesting: automotive, marine, open-cast mining, motorsport, and crash forensics.Every major vehicle and tyre manufacturer in the world uses VBOX products.

GPS Speed Sensors

For those who need a high accuracy speed signal to augment anexisting testing setup, the VBOX Speed Sensors connect via CAN, digital, oranalogue interface to your own data logging equipment at between 5Hz and 100Hz.

All Speed Sensors feature an IP66 billet aluminium enclosure and Deutsch motorsport style connector, and represent the ideal solution for those that requirespeed, position, braking distance, or acceleration data without the need forinternal logging.

All Speed Sensors are compatible with our DGPS Base Station for increasedpositional accuracy, and the dual antenna variant adds slip and pitch/rolloutput at 100Hz.


GPSVideo and Data Loggers

As well as capturing GPS and CAN data in the same way as a standard VBOX datalogger, the Video VBOX and VBOX HD also record GPS time-synchronised video.This footage can be enhanced with data-driven graphic overlay, allowing forclear presentation of key test parameters.

Adding video to testing, validation, and development is a powerful method ofboth analysing and presenting your results. Many automotive ADAS (AdvancedDriver Assistance Systems) tests benefit from the addition of a VBOX video datalogger, configured to display vehicle separation values from both the GPS andvehicle readings, allowing for straightforward assessment of the technologiesbeing developed.

The Video VBOX and VBOX HD are very successful withinmotorsport (see also vboxmotorsport.co.uk), where they are used by a great manydriving coaches and racing drivers in analysing their on-track performance.


VBOXTelemetry Systems

Wireless communication between VBOX products often forms anessential part of our customer's testing requirements. This may take the formof a Bluetooth connection to a tablet PC for live data output; for transmittingDGPS correction messages to a roving VBOX unit to obtain high positionalaccuracy; or for the exchange of GPS measurements from one VBOX to another inopen-road testing during the development of a vehicle's safety systems.

When choosing the correct telemetry system it is often necessary to speak toyour VBOX distributor to determine which units will best suit your application– both in terms of range and bandwidth, and local laws governing radiotransmission.



The range of VBOX input modules allows for data capture from test vehicles andincreases the functionality of our data loggers. Analogue, frequency, CAN, andthermocouple signals are integrated into GPS data and a combination of modulechannels can be recorded simultaneously. Our Inertial Measurement moduleoutputs pitch/roll and yaw data as well as providing a smoothed GPS velocitysignal when used in unfavourable conditions.

VBOX output modules convert from one signal type to another for use by thirdparty data loggers.

Input and output modules can be used in standalone form, for connection toequipment other than VBOX systems.


VBOX displays offer a variety of real time results feedbackand unit setup. The advantage of using a display is the speed and convenienceof altering test parameters or verifying data during the procedures themselves;sometimes the ability to abort a run, often only possible when in-vehicleviewing of data is available, can greatly reduce the amount of track timerequired.

VBOX displays range from full tablet PC, to LCD multifunction, to speed and laptiming units.


All VBOX GPS data loggers ship with VBOX Tools, a highly flexible and verypowerful software package designed specifically for vehicle testing.

We also offer dedicated software solutions for a number of specialisedapplications such as circuit analysis, aquaplane, coastdown, lane change, andcentreline deviation.

VBOX Accessories

The full spectrum of add-on and replacement products: antennas, batteries,triggers, light barrier kits, mounting arms, switches, cables, and cases.


Data LoggersSpeed SensorsVideo Data Loggers
VBOX 3iSpeed Sensors RangeVideo VBOX Pro
VBOX 3i Dual AtennaSpeed Sensors Dual AntennaVBOX HD
VBOX 3i Dual Atenna RTKModulesSoftware
VBOX IISXInertial Measurement UnitVBOX Tools
VBOX IISX Dual AtennaAnalogue Input ModuleVBOX File Processor
VBOX IISX Triple AntennaFrequency Input ModuleVBOX Brake Test
VBOX MiniMini Input ModuleVBOX Aquaplane
VBOX MicroThermocouple InterfaceVBOX Coastdown
VBOX speed profilerVehicle Can InterfaceVBOX Lane Change
VBOX Lap TimerMicro Input ModuleVBOX Centreline Deviation
VBOX SportStrain Gauge Amplifier
Telemetry SystemsCan Bus Speed Interface
DGNSS Base StationsYaw ate Sensor
VBOX RadiosCan To Analogue Module

VBOX Bluetooth ModuleAntennas
DisplaysAdapter,Converters and Connectors
Multifunction DisplayTriggers an Switches
OLED DisplayCables
VBOX Manager
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