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Does It Fıt ?

Does It Fıt ?

RACELOGIC Traction Control is suitable for petrol-engined cars that have electronic fuel injection.

RACELOGIC Traction Control is suitable for petrol-engined cars that have electronic fuel injection. The system is integrated with the car's injector signal wires – so the signals are always passing through the Traction ECU. A suitable RPM signal must also be connected.

However, RACELOGIC Traction Control is not compatible with the following:

Misfire detection: If your engine management acts upon detecting misfires by putting the vehicle into limp-home mode, or illuminating the check-engine dashboard lamp, RACELOGIC Traction Control cannot be used unless the misfire detection function is disabled. This can be done in some cases by ECU tuning specialists.
Pulse width modulation to control/limit the injector current.
Peak and hold injector drivers
Low impedance injectors with resistance lower than 4ohms
Peak and hold and pulse width modulated injector signals
Wet nitrous stream
Water & Ethanol injection
Active ABS sensors
Engine Configuration

RACELOGIC Traction Control is available either with six or eight injector interfaces. On an engine with four, five or six cylinders you would use a six injector interface system (with one or two inputs being redundant on an engine with five/four cylinders, respectively).

On a V8 it is advisable to use our eight injector interface system, especially if the vehicle has a very high power to weight ratio; it is entirely possible to use a six cylinder system on a V8 engine, by leaving two cylinders unaffected and altering the cut sequences accordingly. However, the disadvantages in doing this are that launch control and full throttle shift cannot be used, and the smoothness of operation isn't as great.

It is also possible to employ RACELOGIC Traction Control on a V10 or V12, again by leaving two or four cylinders unaffected. An eight cylinder unit being used on a V10 engine can be extremely effective due to the higher ratio of injector inputs, to the extent that both launch and full throttle shift can be used.

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