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Founded in 2004 as Kagüm Technical Consultancy, our company works with automotive and petroleum companies on technical issues both through their distributorships and technical services.

The main ones are the installation of test laboratories,consulting on technical investments,investment planning and the provision of GB services for auditing, training, risk analysis, road risk analysis of companies....

Key Features

Customisable Layout

You can customise the layout of the workspace area to suit your needs; incorporating tables, charts, maps and synchronised HD video footage, which can all be viewed side-by-side. Adding/ removing gauges and logged channels in the dashboard area, allows you to see as much or as little data as you like.

Application-based analysis

Pre-loaded with over twenty-five plugins that are regularly updated and conveniently grouped by application such as ADAS, Braking or Pass-By Noise, the software allows you to conduct a range of tests that conform to the latest regulations from around the world.


Live and post-test analysis

VBOX Test Suite can be used in either 'Offline' mode, for post-test analysis, or 'Online' mode, when connected to a VBOX. In online mode you can see live data from your vehicle, in real-time, clearly showing if pass or fail conditions have been met and saving valuable development time.


Can Display
Can Display
Can Speed Interface
Can Speed Interface
Does It Fıt ?
Does It Fıt ?
How It Works
How It Works
Why Racelogic Traction Control ?
Why Racelogic Traction Control ?
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We are organizing a 1-day information session with demo application in the form of a conference for our customers.

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It is held every year for free in the UK and Germany.

Kagum Technical Consultancy: RENTAL

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