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ADAS & Safety

VBOX systems provide a simple and accurate way to test and validate Advanced Driver Assistance systems.

With real-time measurements of parameters from up to three vehicles and at less than 2cm positional accuracy, the Racelogic VBOX ADAS testing system allows developers to easily verify the effectiveness of their products.

Customers like Honda, Nissan, GM, Autoliv, and Toyota use VBOX ADAS equipment to test their safety systems.

adas2At the core of the system is the VBOX 3i Dual Antenna with RTK, connected via radio telemetry to an RTK Base Station, or to another VBOX 3i acting as a 'moving base'.

VBOX ADAS products allow for testing and validation of a recognised industry standards, such as ISO 15622 (Adaptive Cruise Control), ISO 15623 (Forward Collision Mitigation) and NCAP confirmation tests.

Brake Testing

RACELOGIC has led the way in high-accuracy brake testing for more than ten years

brakingAs advances in braking technology increase, performance improvement is narrowing. It is therefore essential that the measurement of braking distances can be carried out repeatably and with very high accuracy. Due to their high accuracy, flexibility, and ease of installation (they can be moved from vehicle to vehicle in minutes), VBOX GPS data loggers are used by every major automotive and tyre manufacturer in the world.

Conducting tests with a trigger ensures a distance accuracy of +/-1.8cm. Brake testing carried out when logging relevant vehicle signals as well as that of GPS allows for performance evaluation of tyres, brake pads, discs, and other components.

VBOX data loggers are often employed in conducting tests to various official standards, such as ECE regulation R90 and 13H, and FMVSS135.

Handling & Dynamics

The flexibility of VBOX, combined with custom regulation driven software, is the ideal solution for a variety of ride and handling tests.

lane-changeStandard procedures for ESC, Centre Line Deviation,Lane Change, and Truck & Trailer testing can be conducted using VBOX data logging equipment along with our application-specific software.

Performance Testing

When it comes to measuring vehicle speed and acceleration, GPS is the most accurate way of getting results.

VBOX GPS data loggers and speed sensors have been market leaders in this area for many years and are used by a vast array of vehicle manufacturers for benchmarking and evaluation.

VBOX equipment is trusted in the automotive media as the standard method of car configuration and testing, with most publications and many television programmes employing a VBOX to present their conclusions.


VBOX equipment is often used in situations and for applications outside of the automotive testing sector. This includes areas as diverse as marine dynamics, collision investigation, mining, miningforensic evidence gathering, military and defence programs, train dynamics and braking, and sport.

Essentially, if something moves and has a view to the sky, a VBOX can be used to log its speed, acceleration, and position. This can be as simple as measuring the g-forces of a train pulling out of a station, the performance of a downhill skier, or the lee and trim of a high-powered racing boat.

The world over, VBOX is accepted by authorities and governing bodies as equipment that produces reliable, accurate, and verifiable results.