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Launching Labsat 3 At The ION GNSS

Launching Labsat 3 At The ION GNSS -

The third generation LabSat breaks cover at the ION GNSS expo, September 16th to 20th. The new record, replay, and simulation device represents a major step forward in convenience and portability.

With multi constellation capability and one-touch record and replay, LabSat3 allows developers looking for realistic signal output to record scenarios in the field - measuring only 167mm x 128mm x 43mm, the unit can be easily carried anywhere - for later replay in the laboratory.

Testing and development of new devices can be conducted with total realism and repeatability on the bench. This allows for an accurate assessment of performance in less than ideal signal conditions, without the need to constantly venture into such environments.

Due to its small size, integrated battery, and simple operation, no specialist knowledge is required to operate a LabSat3; and it comes complete with scenarios so that immediate testing can commence.

Come along to booth 711 at the ION GNSS exhibition in Nashville to see for yourself how simple and effective record and replay of satellite signals can be!