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Labsat 3 - Narrative Case Study

Labsat 3 - Narrative Case Study -

LabSat is a GNSS record and replay system that allows for systematic and repeatable testing of GPS based products. In this article we look at how it has been put to use in the development of one of the new wave of 'Wearable' devices.

In a similar fashion to the explosion in the mobile phone market, the 'Wearables' sector is set to grow at a similar pace, with forecasts of approximately 210 million new devices being shipped by 2018 – an increase of over 100%.

As you would expect, this expansion hasn't been ignored by businesses looking to capitalise on what is already a major revenue stream. Amazon has created a department dedicated entirely to the sector, their director of wireless and mobile electronics announcing recently: "Wearable technology is an exciting category with rapid innovation and our customers are increasingly coming to Amazon to shop and learn about these devices." Tellingly, such is the pace at which these products are being developed and produced that Amazon feels the need to incorporate a learning centre to help their customers navigate through the myriad of options on offer.